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Oils of the Soil:  Séka Hills’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil By Melanie Dubberley Food Stylist Under the watchful eye of the Capay Valley blue hills, olive orchards thrive. White roses and fragrant lavender keep the feet of 40-year old olive... read more »
Culinary Oils Tasting – The Power of Curiosity September 16, 2015 at Ketchum Food Studio Coordinators Maurine Killough and Rita Held Review by Penni Wisner The array... read more »
BBQ 2015: Brazil By The Bay! Like a preview to the 2016 Olympics in Rio, the San Francisco Professional Food Society’s 2015 BBQ was... read more »
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President’s Message
President’s Message Hello SFPFS Members: In the 36 year history of SFPFS, countless energetic volunteers have steered the organization for hundreds of members. This leadership dedication coupled with members’ contributions has created the fabric of a professional organization that provides networking, career growth and friendships. Our Board goals for 2015 are to offer engaging, timely, as well as exceptionally fun opportunities to meet and greet peer professionals and facilitate network building. As we all know, the landscape of networking is vastly different today than the first decades of SFPFS’s existence. We now scan our computers, phones, or social media sites to... read more »