Dear SFPFS Members:

2016 marks the 36th year of the San Francisco Professional Food Society, an organization dedicated to the Bay Area food industry in all its glory and guises. How cool is that—and how fortunate are we—to have this useful resource to help us address our culinary and professional needs and goals? Following in the extremely capable footsteps of past SFPFS Presidents Rosemary Mark and Gayle Massey will not be a walk in the park. But I promise to work as hard as I can to fulfill the SFPFS’s missions and goals for you, our members. And I thank you for the opportunity to do so.

As we shift leadership and gear up for a brand new year, I want to assure you of the commitment of each of our elected board members. I promise that our board will be diligent in working toward our organizational goals so you can get the most out of your membership. We urge you to use every networking tool and resource we can offer you. We want to help you develop shiny new professional relationships and enhance your success in building, pursuing and obtaining your professional goals. This leads to better business for all.

Our website is being completely revamped this year, creating user-friendly links to resources, ticket purchases and, most importantly, other members for you to connect to and network with. We are forging new relationships with farmers, producers and other industry professionals, and strengthening bonds with other culinary groups in the Bay Area and beyond, all in order to create opportunities for our members to increase business ties and foster professional relationships.

This year’s board is chock full of enthusiastic members—some new, some experienced—who are moving eagerly in 2016 to get this party started. We encourage you to join a committee, attend SFPFS events and become involved with one of our Special Interest Groups. Get the most of your membership and dive into the new year full speed, enhancing your business and making new friends.

Together we can make the San Francisco Professional Food Society a talked-about industry resource and a vibrant community of professionals. Together we can achieve anything!


Lesley Stiles