About the Board and Leadership

The San Francisco Professional Food Society is run by and for its Members.

Our Board of Directors direct the activities of the Food Society and are elected by the Membership. They are all volunteers.

Many of these Board Members head Committees whose roles are to identify interesting topics, restaurants, food producers, vintners and growers throughout the Bay Area and beyond. If you want to meet other Members a Committee is a great place to start.

  • Community Services
  • Directory
  • Events / Member Only Events
  • Special Events (our Annual Barbecue and Annual General (Society business) Meeting
  • Marketing
  • Membership
  • Sponsorship

There are many benefits of Board participation, including access to a broad range of food professionals, influence among the Society and the Bay Area food world and a medium to really know in a much richer fashion your fellow food professionals.

About Committees

Committees are a great way to meet and network with fellow SFPFS members.  The following is a brief description of board positions and committees.  Contact board or committee members  or admin@sfpfs.com if interested in joining a committee.

Special Events Committee:

Oversees the planning and execution of two large-scale functions per year that are of professional, educational and/or social interest. Open to members and guests.

New Members Reception/Annual General Meeting early in the year

Annual social event (such as a barbecue) in the summer

Events Committee:

Overseas speaker series and group dinners producing two to five per year of each. Open to members and guests.

Stirring the Pot – a speaker series which focuses on professional development and encourages dialogue with renowned speakers in the food industry

Traveling Table – dinners held at select restaurants around the Bay Area, social and food focused opportunity to meet members

Members Only Programs Committee:

Maintains and expands the services we offer to our members which include events such as:
Food Tours – field trips to artisan food companies, growers, producers and markets
Roundtables – group discussions on food issues, techniques for career advancement and skill development
SIGs – Special Interest Groups to promote educational and professional growth in specific fields of interests. For more information, check out the SIG page.

Community Services Committee:

Oversees our support for community-based food related organizations in the Bay Area, and organizes a major fundraiser at our annual summer social event.

Membership Committee:

Works throughout the year to attract new professional and corporate members, and to retain members through membership growth strategies and drives. Extends hospitality to members and guests at every function and coordinates Regional Networking Meetings (RNM – informal mixers to network with other members in your region).

Sponsorship Committee:

Cultivates, communicates with and retains corporate sponsors that support the development of SFPFS through financial and in-kind contributions.

Directory Committee:

A standing committee. Coordinates the proofing, printing, design and web presence of the annual directory. Updates the directory with online supplements.

Marketing Committee:

Informs about the accomplishments of the Food Society through the media and the Internet, and helps keep the Facebook group active with new postings. Also works to grow, position, brand and define the SFPFS in the eyes of its membership, the media and the broader public.

Communications Committee:

Coordinates online updates of all SFPFS communications, recruits and produces timely content and ensures functionality of the website.

Nominating Committee:

A standing committee. Drafts and nominates a slate of officers for the upcoming year.