Member Spotlight: Rosemary Mark

Meet SFPFS Member and culinary consultant Rosemary Mark

Rosemary excels at incorporating intriguing, approachable flavors in practical and accurate recipes for home cooks and foodservice. Client projects have addressed health topics such as: increasing omega 3-fatty acid consumption with innovative walnut recipes for the California Walnut Board; and designing child-centric frozen vegetable dishes for a […]

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Member Spotlight: Erica Peters

Meet SFPFS member and food historian Erica Peters

Erica J. Peters, Ph.D., is the director of the Culinary Historians of Northern California and author of San Francisco: A Food Biography (2013) and Appetites and Aspirations in Vietnam: Food and Drink in the Long Nineteenth Century (2012). She received her bachelor’s degree in history and literature […]

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Member Spotlight: Helen Roberts

Helen Roberts has had a distinguished career at Kikkoman test kitchens where she was a recipe developer and tester, and created culinary videos showing new ways to work with Kikkoman’s range of products.  She also served as president of Les Dames Escoffier – San Francisco for the past 2 years. Her early culinary training […]

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Member Spotlight: Carolyn Tillie

With an MFA in jewelry and metalsmithing, Carolyn has been successfully combining her love of food and the arts in the creation of Gastronomically-inspired jewelry for over a dozen years. Interspersed with creating artwork, she has written and been published in numerous magazines and just released her first book, “Oysters – A Global History” […]

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Member Spotlight: Kara Nielsen

Kara Nielsen is a food and beverage trend expert with over a decade of experience translating trends for strategic brand growth and innovative product development. She is Vice President, Trends & Marketing at CCD Innovation, a strategic food and beverage innovation agency based in Emeryville. Kara also has experience creating and sharing consumer and […]

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Member Spotlight: Jennifer Pagano


Jennifer Pagano is the Director of Research at Wine Opinions, a wine industry consultancy, and Wine Market Council, a non-profit trade association.  She was the Director of Programs for the American Institute of Wine & Food before holding research positions at Merrill Research & Associates and the B/R/S group, where she conducted market research […]

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Member Spotlight: Richard Tarlov

Richard Tarlov owns Canyon Market in San Francisco. Opened in 2006 with his wife Janet, Canyon serves the Glen Park neighborhood with natural and organic groceries, cheese, prepared foods, an on-site organic bread bakery, produce, meat and seafood as well as a full wine and beer department, coffee bar and catering. Prior to opening […]

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Member Spotlight: Nona Lim

As a former athlete, I was always looking for ways to improve my performance. Understanding the healing powers of food as medicine, I was able to peak and recover faster when fueled with whole, clean, non-inflammatory foods. So I designed a healing, nutrient-dense, meal program made with fresh, plant-rich, whole food ingredients and clean preparations. […]

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Member Spotlight: Peggy Fallon

Peggy Fallon is the author or co-author of eight cookbooks, and has contributed to dozens more as a recipe developer, tester, and editor. Born on Thanksgiving, Peggy remains passionate about the preparation and enjoyment of good food. In addition to being a longtime member of the SFPFS, she is a member of the International […]

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Member Spotlight: Jennie Schacht

Jennie Schacht is a culinary writer and consultant based in Oakland, California. She is the author of i scream SANDWICH! and Farmers’ Market Desserts; co-author of The Wine Lover’s Dessert Cookbook, Southern Italian Desserts, and Without Reservations; and co-author, ghost writer, or editor of many other works. She consults to chefs, restaurateurs, and authors […]

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