The Cooking SIG held their last meeting of 2016 – and it was outstanding. As is our group’s custom, the subject was “Gifts From The Kitchen.” It was held at the home of Terry Paetzold – also our tradition.


We began our evening with a pizza-making party. Terry made up a batch of pizza dough and some rich and delicious pizza sauce from her tomato garden. Everyone brought their favorite toppings – everything from Caramelized Onions, Sauteéd Mushrooms, Sausage, several different Cheeses, and lest we forget the Fresh Eggs from her “girls.” There were also some great Salads and awesome Desserts. Terry demonstrated her method for pulling the dough and cautioned us to make sure we added enough cornmeal on the paddle so that Ray (Terry’s husband and pizza maker) could get it into the outdoor pizza oven easily.




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We had our usual end of year meeting to come up with ideas for 2017 and we’ve got some good ones. From Clay Pot Cooking to Scandinavian Cuisine, to Decorative Sushi Making – the coming year is sure to educate and satisfy all.

Then came the gifts and plenty of them, each with their own special packaging. We had Marinated Cheese where the marinade could be used long after the cheese had been devoured. Vanilla Caramelized Nuts that were addictive (I can attest to that personally), Preserved Lemons, Zebot’s Gingerbread Granola (in honor of Chuck Williams’ love of these spices), Fruitcake Cookies, Balsamic Fig Chutney, Chipotle & Rosemary Roasted Nuts, Plum Jam, Bread & Butter Vegetables, and Flavored Chocolates that would knock your socks off.

The exchange was completed and all said goodnight as we ended the evening, full and happy. Just another wonderful year of Cooking SIGs!

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