On Saturday, August 6, 2016 the Cooking SIG held their summer meeting at René Matthew’s home. René clearly had been working for some time on scrumptious Lamb Kebabs with a fabulous Curry Chutney and deliciously spicy Sausages, called Booerewors or Farmer’s Sausage. For our lesson, Carl Drosky wowed the group with a mixture of tasty Chicken and Apricot Sausage that he prepared, explaining the soft and gooey texture that we should reach before stuffing it into the casings. Member Mari Suzuki volunteered to stuff the sausages, then Carl showed us the proper technique to separate them into individual links. He also explained how each sausage should be pricked before boiling so that the casings do not explode – a very small but very important detail.

Once the sausages were ready, Ian Matthew and Carl were at the grill ready to cook all the Sausages, Kebabs and even some spicy South African flavored Peri Peri Prawns.

Next came the amazing spread of South African delights: Mealie Bread, South African Inspired Cheese Crackers, Stuffed Eggs, Watermelon & Cucumber Ribbon Salad with Momma Cheryl’s Apple Cinnamon Syrup, Chickpea Apple & Tuna Salad, Marinated Strawberries & Radishes, Grilled Asparagus with Crème Fraîche Dill Sauce, South African Pap (porridge similar to polenta) with Braai Gravy.

And what would a good Braai be without dessert?! Homemade Fig Newtons, Thumb Cookies, South African-ish Melktert and Peach Crisp.

All and all a great event!

All photos by Kelly Burgoyne.

Sausage_SIG_49 Sausage_SIG_45

Sausage_SIG_55  Sausage_SIG_7   Sausage_SIG_1Sausage_SIG_40Sausage_SIG_41Sausage_SIG_18

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