About Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups, or SIGs, give SFPFS members an opportunity to come together to explore areas of mutual professional interest. They are a great way to meet others with shared professional interests, keep up to date on food industry trends, and find support and assistance from peers facing similar challenges in their work.

Participating in a SIG doesn’t require a big commitment. They are generally informal and free of charge, and there’s no requirement to attend every time. Each has a member contact who coordinates the group but they are very much a joint effort, with the group determining the format and topics. Some SIGs meet at the same location each time while others rotate among member homes. Meetings commonly include a presentation, discussion, or tasting followed by a potluck meal.

See below to contact the coordinator for any of the existing SIGs for more information. Or start your own! Just decide on a focus and notify SFPFS members with an announcement on the SFPFS Facebook page, or contact the SFPFS Board President.

To sign up for SIGs, visit the SFPFS Facebook Page or register via the Event Listing.


Cooking SIG

Greetings to all cooks, including current and aspiring cooking teachers! Rotating meetings are held in members’ homes, giving everyone the opportunity to study solutions to issues of space, layout and fluidity. There is a cap on attendance for each meeting so please reserve your space.

Contact: Lili Rollins

Book Club SIG

Do you read books about food and wish you had someone to discuss them with? Please join us to chew on, swallow, and digest some great food writing!

This SIG meets quarterly on the first Wednesday of every third month (or so). We choose a book (or two) and meet together to discuss it, often accompanied by a potluck meal. We may also occasionally meet in an inexpensive restaurant, depending on the size of the group. Meeting locations rotate around the bay.

Contact: Frankie Whitman

Food Tasting SIG

The Tasting SIG meets in member’s homes on the Peninsula and from time to time at other Bay Area locations. The group meets every three months. At each meeting we will explore one food product in-depth. A wide selection of brands or products within a category will be selected by the rotating group leaders, and presented to the group with product information. Examples of products may be butters, blue cheese, sparkling waters and cocoas. The intent is to hone our tasting skills, find the best product and learn our individual preferences. We may occasionally invite speakers who test food products to help us learn the art of tasting. Each meeting will also include a potluck dinner that may be themed around the selected food tasting.

The cost of foods purchased for tasting will be divided among the participants. Typical cost is about $10 per meeting. (Those cancelling less than 24 hours in advance are responsible for their contribution.) Meeting location and capacity varies depending on the host.

Contacts: Rita Held and Micki Weinberg
rita@foodandwinepros.com and micki@guittard.com

Wine Tasting SIG

The Wine Tasting SIG is comprised of culinary professionals seeking to share their love and knowledge of wine. We are exploring familiar varietals, focusing on tasting etiquette (i.e., learning how to spit), and trying to identify elusive wine aromas and flavors. In the future we may include field trips or bring in tasting professionals to share their knowledge with the group. Topics have included nero d’avola, malbec, port, sauvignon blanc, south African wines, temperanillo, sparkling wines, wine and cheese pairing and sweet wine and dessert pairing.

A different member of the SIG hosts and leads each meeting, with a member selecting wines and bringing along information to share with the group. After the structured tasting and discussion we enjoy dinner together, with each participant bringing a dish to pair with the varietal or wine style we’re exploring. The group meets every other month at 7:00pm. The cost of each meeting varies—we divide the total cost of the wine by the number of participants; typical cost is $12 to $15. (Those canceling less than 24 hours in advance are responsible for their contribution.) Meeting location and capacity varies depending on the host.

Contact: Melody Fuller

Food Photography SIG

Newly revived! More information to come!

Contact: Mike Loring

Information about all upcoming SIG meetings can be found on the Event Listing.