For our blind tasting, we sampled eleven brands of  hummus.  All were plain or traditional.  If you would like a list of all we tasted, email Rita Held directly:

# 1  Sabra Classic   10 oz  $4.49
Nice mild lemon, good mild tahini flavor, mild garlic. Very well balanced.  Smooth, thinner texture than others.

# 2  Oren’s Plain Israeli   8 oz  $6.00    Where to find Oren’s:
Mild and well balanced.  Subtle garlic and tahini.  Thicker than Sabra.

# 3  was a tie:
O Organics  10 oz  $3.99 (Safeway brand)
Lemony, mild, nice tahini.  A wheat-y flavor of sorts.

Athenos  14 oz  $5.99
Mild lemon. More garlic than some others, but not too much. Well balanced.

#4  Trader Joe’s  16 oz  $3.49
Most robust flavor of all we tasted, yet well-balanced. Garlic and cumin predominant. One taster immediately recognized the brand!

NOTE: Food Tasting SIG:  Due to over-all waning interest and frequent last-minute cancellations, the group decided it’s time to discontinue the food tasting SIG.  If other members would like to keep it going, we’ll gladly share the tasting charts et al.  Many thanks to Micki Weinberg and previous hosts for their generosity over the years.