1. Why did you join the SFPFS?
    I love the SFPFS.  It is a unique and special organization.  I was a member for several years and even on the board as treasurer. I left as I dug into my strong business background and became certified in coaching. As I have been heavily involved with food and agriculture over the last few years in Sonoma County, it seems time to connect into this group again.  During my former membership I was running Chef-K, culinary health education for kids, a national company.
  2. How is food connected to your career?
    Initially I engaged in food through children’s cooking classes.  This lead me to support large food producers connected to agriculture in Sonoma County.  Today I am a business consultant and coach to privately-owned food producers and a couple of retail markets.
  3. Are you associated with any philanthropic cause related to the food industry?
    I support several philanthropic food topics.  Food industry group in Sonoma County is doing amazing work within the industry, Hummingbird Labs is exploring resilient agriculture initiatives, the food banks are doing a great job with bringing fresh food and animal protein to those with food insecurity.
  4. What chefs or blogs do you follow?
    I peek at several, my interest is stronger in education and food sources than individual chefs.  Though a few are bringing awareness to the public in a big way.
  5. What is your favorite restaurant in the Bay Area?
    After traveling the US for several years to military bases teaching cooking, I realize we have an abundance of amazing restaurants in the SF area, way too many to name. We also have access to such a wide variety of fresh and unique food ingredients.  I feel blessed to be born and raised in this part of the country.

Laurie Zenga