1. Why did you join the SFPFS? It seemed like a great opportunity to network with a broad range of passionate people in the food world.
  2. How is food connected to your career? I’m the founder of joyloop foods. We produce noodles and rices made 100% out of organic veggies.
  3. Are you associated with any philanthropic cause related to the food industry? Unfortunately, I’m not at the moment.
  4. What chefs or blogs do you follow? I follow a lot of the paleo blogs (nom nom paleo, paleomg, etc.) As far as chefs, I’m a big fan of Marc Forgione (NY), Stephanie Izzard, & Paul Kahan (both Chicago).
  5. What is your favorite restaurant in the Bay Area? That’s a tough one since it totally depends on my mood. That said, I live right across the street from NoPa in SF and find myself there often because it’s consistently awesome so let’s go with that.


Adam Pollack