1. Why did you join the SFPFS?
    The Food Craft Institute team joined SFPFS at the suggestion of our wonderful PR rep, Shannon Gomes. We’ve been looking for ways to stay engaged with the Bay Area food community as we grow and expand our reach. We’re always on the lookout for successful food entrepreneurs who would be good instructors and mentors for our students.
  1. How is food connected to your career?
    Food Craft Institute is a non-profit educational resource for aspiring food business owners and current entrepreneurs looking to improve their business practices. We work every day with amazing foodmakers whom we strive to support and ensure that their delicious, handmade, small-batch products can remain viable in the marketplace as their businesses scale (or don’t!)
  1. Are you associated with any philanthropic cause related to the food industry?
    The causes at the root of our work are local economic development and improving the food system (and everyone’s health) through local, sustainable traditional food production. We also work with several partners that additionally support the causes of youth development (TownKitchen, Mamacita’s Cafe), veteran assistance (FarmerVeteran Coalition), and food justice (People’s Grocery, Food Shift). There is plenty of work to be done out there!
  1. What chefs or blogs do you follow?
    While I’m not a devoted follower of anyone in particular, I love everything that Ken Albala rants about on his blog and I used to follow his co-author (and my friend) Rosanna Nafziger Henderson when she was still posting. Their jointly published works are my kitchen bibles! FCI founder Anya Fernald also just released her first cookbook including every delicious dish that I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying at our staff retreats and office celebrations. Highly recommended!
  1. What is your favorite restaurant in the Bay Area?
    Tie between: Mission Pie in SF and Homeroom in Oakland. Can’t go wrong with comfort!