1. Why did you join the SFPFS?
I hope to meet food professionals from all parts of the industry and create a stronger presence for the South Bay Area.
2. How is food connected your career?
In 2010, I realized that pita chips resonate more with me than memory chips so I started a food blog to begin an exploration of my love for food and have never looked back. Now I write, teach, and speak about food and actively take food industry clients for my communications business. I still love technology and am now writing about how food and technology intersect but hope to keep all of my marketing efforts in the world of food.
3. Are you associated with any philanthropic cause related to the food industry?
Yes, I support the Food Literacy Center located in Sacramento that helps to get fruit and veggies on the plates of under-served children.
4. What chefs or blogs do you follow?
I am active in a new group of Jewish Food Professionals called The Illuminoshi, started by Alix Wall. I follow so many chefs and blogs – too many to list because I love to cook and learn about all types of food. But because I co-lead a virtual cooking community called Tasting Jerusalem, I have been closely following Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi, authors of “Jerusalem: A Cookbook”. I just love their inspirational use of ingredients and the absolute joy they seem to have for every dish they create.
5. What is your favorite restaurant in the Bay Area?
I don’t really have a favorite if I am being honest but I did recently try a Portuguese restaurant close to my home in San Jose called Adega that just was awarded a Michelin star – first one in San Jose. So I encourage my SF-based and East Bay-based friends to come down for a visit and try it out. I’ll be happy to join you!