1. Why did you join the SFPFS?
    I joined SFPFS because I just moved to the area and am hoping to meet people who work in my industry, share my interests and can hopefully help me begin to build a community here.
  1. How is food connected your career?
    I’m a food stylist so I work with brands and photographers to bring their creative vision to life. My background is in fine art, and I consider cooking to be the most accessible form of art that I can participate in on a daily basis.
  1. Are you associated with any philanthropic cause related to the food industry?
    Not currently, but am interested in getting more involved.
  1. What chefs or blogs do you follow?
    As a blogger myself, I follow too many blogs to even count, but some of my favorites are Half Baked Harvest, An Edible Mosaic, and Cooking Classy. I love following really creative chefs on Instagram like Richard Blais.
  1. What is your favorite restaurant in the Bay Area?
    I’m new here so you tell me! So far I’ve really enjoyed Burma Superstar, Brown Sugar Kitchen, and Hopscotch.