President’s Message


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am honored and excited to be your President this year for many reasons. The goals of the organization mirror many of my personal objectives: renew past acquaintances, make new acquaintances, and generally strengthen my professional network. In my many years in the culinary field, I’ve found that everyone needs a strong network for assistance and support. As President, I’m also looking to foster relationships with other like-minded organizations as well as grow member participation.

The 2019 Board of Directors is made up of some battle-tested warriors as well as new talent that brings fresh ideas to the table. We have some exciting events coming up this year starting with the Annual General Meeting (AGM) at China Live in January, followed by a beer and cheese event in March.

A professional network helps people build social and personal skills as well as opens up work opportunities and further education. I have discovered that the best way to learn something is through mentorship. As an added bonus, a mentor gets the great satisfaction that he or she has helped someone advance their personal and career goals. It is a great time to renew a lapsed membership or join the San Francisco Professional Food Society for your first experience.

Strength in Numbers.

Bruce D. Paton
President, San Francisco Professional Food Society