President’s Message


Welcome to the 38th anniversary of the San Francisco Professional Food Society.  Our mission statement is simple and elegant:  “The SFPFS is a diverse and supportive community of professionals whose careers revolve around food, beverages and hospitality.  Our purpose is to facilitate our members’ career advancement through education, networking, resources and tools.” Our plan for 2018 is to outperform that statement in a big way – I mean, have you taken a look at the programs and events we have
scheduled for this year?!

The 2018 Board of Directors is an amazing combination of seasoned and new members. What a great team to create and present programming that is appealing to our diverse group of culinarians.  Programs that include educational panels, farm tours and fun filled Special Interest Groups (SIG) events.

Yes, we have noticed a change in the membership level,! however, our commitment to offer our members opportunities to forge new professional relationships and be a partner as members work toward achieving their professional goals.  This year we plan to take advantage of our social media platforms and we will host our directory on our website.  We hope you will join our Facebook page as we strive to become more vocal through our online presence.

We look forward to spending time together as we explore the fabulous Bay Area culinary scene.  Thank you for rocking with us this year.


Helen Tribble Roberts 
President, San Francisco Professional Food Society