4th STREET, BERKELEY – July 21, 2016.

Talk about a Food Scene! Market Hall Food’s Pasta Shop was the place to be for tasting, sipping and learning while enjoying the company of old and new friends.

Experts guided SFPFS members and guests on Artisan Cheeses (with Cheese Program Director Juliana Uruburu), Extra Virgin Olive Oils (with Prepared Food Director & COOC Olive Oil Taster Sandy Sonnenfelt and Import Director Linda Sikorski) and Chocolates galore (with Specialty Buyer Cathy Leland).

Platters of delicious food beckoned as Broc Cellars organic and biodynamic wines quaffed palates.  The new taste sensations of Thai Basil and Pineapple Som Drinking Vinegars also delighted this group of discerning foodies.

With a special 10% discount for attendees that evening, happy patrons left the shop with great buys and thoughts of a fabulous time with wonderful people!
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